Esperanto YouTube Channels

Is Esperanto easy?  It is if you have the right resources, and YouTube is a great place to start.

YouTube is a huge website full of (sometimes too much) information.  Here we have listed out some of our favorite YouTube Esperanto channels so you can more easily find information about our favorite language.


Esperanto YouTube channels for beginners

American Esperantist

Great information for the beginning speaker of Esperanto.  Focused on grammar and lesson-style videos.  As of the time of this writing, the last video was published over 5 years ago, so this channel does not appear to be active.  However, there are many good lessons there which are still very helpful.  

Exploring Esperanto

Alex Miller, renowned Esperanto author and YouTuber, is the mastermind behind this YouTube channel.  Covering everything from music in Esperanto to the basic fundamentals of the language, this is one of the best resources for new speakers of the language.  He enunciates very clearly and uses good illustrations to teach core concepts. 

Pasporta al la tuta Mondo

“Passport to the whole world” is a teaching-style show designed to illustrate the basics of the language.  It was originally created to go along with a workbook, although not much has been seen of the written materials in years and it remains unclear whether they are still available.  The videos still have tons of value.  In sixteen parts, the video series walks users all the way from the beginning to conversational language.  Highly recommended!


For intermediate and above


Evildea is one of the most popular YouTube channels providing information about his life and other blog-style topics.  With over 11,000 subscribers, his channel is one of the largest Esperanto channels on YouTube.  He speaks very quickly and can be difficult to understand for new speakers, however he has quite a few videos in English too.  Definitely check him out. 


For everyone

Cristina Casella

Cristina is an Italian singer who also blesses us with her Esperanto versions of top-40 pop songs.  She has an incredible voice and makes it easier to learn more about Esperanto using your favorite songs as a starting point. 


Vinilkosmo is one of the largest and most popular producers of Esperanto music.  People all over the world make music in Esperanto, and it’s a great way to learn the language since words are not sung as quickly as they are spoken (usually).