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Here you will find information, blog posts, articles, resources, and anything you can think of related to Esperanto.  Whether you’re just discovering this language for the first time or have been speaking for years, there is something here for you.

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Why should I learn Esperanto?

Speak With More People & Make New Friends

There are Esperanto speakers all over the world, in nearly every country.  By learning Esperanto, you will be able to speak with people whom you would not otherwise be able.

Explore Esperanto Literature

There are many, many books published originally in Esperanto that have not been translated to any other languages.  Some people learn Esperanto so they can enjoy the rich body of literature, created over the last 130+ years.  

Enjoy Esperanto Film & Culture

Not only does Esperanto have a large library of original written works, but there have been a number of movies and short films produced in Esperanto.  Additionally, there are many musicians worldwide who produce excellent music of all genres in Esperanto.  Once you know the language, you can enjoy the music as well!

Learn Additional Languages Faster

There have been a number of University studies showing that learning Esperanto first helps to learn other languages faster and more permanently.  Once you learn the basics of Esperanto, your brain will learn how to be multilingual.  This gives you a strong advantage when learning additional languages. 

Business Travel & Communication

Speaking Esperanto allows you to communicate with potential clients and business partners from other parts of the world, in places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do business because of the language barrier.  

Travel The World with Esperanto

Pasporta Servo is a hospitality service for Esperanto speakers, whereby they can stay in the homes of other Esperantists free of charge in exchange for speaking Esperanto.  Simply look in the directory for someone who lives in the area you want to visit, and reach out to connect!


Our Future Offerings

General Information about Esperanto

We provide resources about the history of Esperanto, basic instructions on a few key concepts of Esperanto, and of course we answer the burning question: What is Esperanto? 

Teachers & Communities

We will provide resources for you to connect with professional Esperanto teachers online.  Community is very important when learning a new language, so we will point you in the direction of some groups and organizations to explore. 

Cool Clothing & Merchandise

As our community grows, we will be offering unique Esperanto-themed products including t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other home decor.  Enjoy our conversation-starting pieces in your home or on your person. You’re sure to make new friends!

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